January 2017

Thank You!

Dear friends,

It is with sadness that I have to announce that Emily Wobb’s Bad Dreams will be the final show at Duplex. We hope you join us on our last First Thursday, January 5th, to celebrate Emily and the past four seasons and sixty-three artists we’ve hosted at the gallery. We were really excited about our fifth season of programing: Sarah BurwashStacy LovejoyAkiko MaskerJune SanregretKate Nartker guest curated by Ashley Stull MeyersSarah RabedaNico Mazza, and our 4th annual MFA group show of Kayley BerezneyCarlin Brown, and Megan Hanley lead by Melanie Flood. Please take some time to check out their websites.

We will continue updating the gallery guide and blog with artist interviews and related content.

THANK YOU for all you support and kindness!


P.S. Keep your eye out for our final exhibition catalog. The catalog is 70+ full color pages presenting each exhibiting artist, their interviews, and all artwork we’ve hosted at Duplex in 2016 and 2017. Artists included: Kay Campbell, Berkley Warner Chappell, Julia March Crocetto, Sarah Eaton, Shiloh Gastello, Gordon Waverly Gilkey, Craig Goodworth, Paul James Gunn, Becca Hall, Yuji Hiratsuka, Robert Huck, Demetrios Jameson, Satpreet Kahlon, Christina Kemp, Colin Kippen, Erin Martinez, Sarah Gee Miller, Ryan Molenkamp, Kathryn Cellerini Moore, Jay Muhlin, Michelle Ramin, John Henry Rock, Nelson Sandgren, Ayumi Takahashi, and Emily Wobb. This catalog, and all our past catalogs are available through Blurb.