First Thursday: February

Last night Lindsay & I explored the Pearl District and First Thursday. Here are some of our favorite pieces. Robert Rauschenberg, Samarked Stitches I & III, 1988 (Elizabeth Leech Gallery)

Kris Hargis, It’ll Pass? & Abreojos, Jennifer- Eyes Wide Open, 2012 (Froelick Gallery)

Judy Cooke, Arc, 2012 (Froelick Gallery)

James Minden, Articulate, 2012 (Froelick Gallery)

Yuji Hiratsuki, Dilettante (Froelick Gallery)
Both Lindsay & I were lucky enough to have Yuji teach us monotype printmaking while we were at Oregon State University.

I like this accidental reflection of me over Danny Lyon, Bikeriders, 1967 (Hartman Fine Art). This exhibition corresponds nicely with tonight’s The One Motorcycle Show.

Lindsay & Josh musing over some Vivian Maier photos at Blue Sky Gallery.

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